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Bubble Football In London

Le 15 janvier 2016, 14:19 dans Humeurs 0

Joining in bubble football and have fun, Bubble Football or soccer in inflatable balls. This new sport was launched in Norway in 2011 by a young couple who were only looking for fun, and got that became fashionable in Scandinavia. The creators of this fun sport showed his invention through a video on a TV. The online video viralizó reaching more than four million visits. In just three years, the sport got spread throughout the European continent. It has caused such a furor that even as this entertaining sport championships such as the “Bubble Football – Tournament Algund” are made, developed in Italy.

Now, the bubble football in london is becoming more and more popular.bubble football london

The Bubble Football, an activity of fun and entertainment collective, is to play football but in a bubble. Players follow the same rules but with the difference that they are inside a huge bubble that covers them from head to knees. The players will not get hurt falling down with bubble football and this makes the sport more fun as there is a high risk run by practicing true. Unlike traditional football, there are no faults, as it can bring down the other players without physical harm with the intention of making the sport fun and full of laughter activity. Because players remain long on the floor, not many goals scored in matches as the challenge of the game is to balance without falling, dodging the blows of the competitors players. Sometimes, because of the blows of opponents, players tumble, rising instantly by inertia, and others are left defenseless life which insects trying.

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Bubble Football is absolutely crazy!  Most people think you need football skills to play…you definitely DO NOT!  While bubble football is intended to for fun you get an incredible workout as well.  Everyone loves smashing into each other and knocking their friends to the ground.


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Played bubble football for this first time ever today, and it was much tougher than all of us expected.We played outside in the sun on a warm day, and it was surprisingly warm within the bubble, which seemed to just attract/gather heat.


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Bumper Ball is the perfect sport to learn the game of football, and get more out of the sport than what you would get in traditional football.





London Bubble Football

Le 9 novembre 2015, 11:02 dans Humeurs 0

London Bubble Football is where teams of people gather to play football, wearing giant bubbles (sometimes referred to as Body Zorb or Loopyballs), allowing them to collide, roll and flip over while trying to score a goal. No longer it goes unnoticed by anyone that the Bumper Ball is one of the most innovative activities that can be found today. All those curious for the new trends occurring in society, people know what is good hand Bumper Ball and also know that is going strong. Among the wide range of recreational activities offered at the national level, we are already referring: by proposals designed for different age groups and also by the intended range of activities for all ages.
Stickers balls can be used by young children as well as adults, simply adjusting the padded harness inside the ball.
For those who do not know football with bubbles is a mode that starts to be spread throughout the world and you can record such activity in many countries worldwide: Mongolia, Spain, United States … Something that gives a international and in which a number of conditions are met to be considered not only sport and play. With principles of fair play and an outstanding safety, it allows boys and girls to compete in the same discipline but also exist the possibility of segmenting.
A sport that is generating increasingly more popular among his supporters and those who also want to share Bubble Football acceptance as an increasingly growing sport. Fun, safe and competitive for those who want to play to win, has: Goals, falls, referees that environment and generating curiosity since its inception and woke Football.Bubble Football London


Le 4 novembre 2015, 14:37 dans Humeurs 0

Have you ever hearded any notices about bubble football? Now, your dream will come true in our web site. With our bubble football, you can get much pleasure that you never got before. The game can be played outdoors or indoors. However if you are an aggressively outgoing freak like me, enjoying it on the green grass is good for you. The game is divided into 3 categories first, zorb bowling whereby Bubble Football London one player at one end of the pitch runs to a group of other players trying to knock them down. Nevertheless, another category is the zorb sumo. Two players positioned in the center of a circle drawn on the field have an objective of pushing each other away from the circle. Finally, bulldog involves one player aiming at knocking down other players while in his or her bubble, trying to stop them from getting to the end points of the pitch. Whoever gets knocked down joins the first player in the middle. Sounds cool? Well it is certainly amazingly interesting.

Looking for a fun outing with friends, sports team or student? Reserve bubble Football in London and take advantage of the special rate. Bubble football is an entertaining branch of football which the players wear a bloated package which serves as cushion. This allows the players to crash, bump and roll without feeling anything. This has both the players and the spectators on hilarious scenes. Bump your opponents hard against the ground.

Now let´s play bubble football in london.



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